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Over the last year, the Scottish tech for good ecosystem has transformed lives and organisations. On the anniversary of the launch of the Scottish Tech Army and together with our partners ScotlandIS, CodeClan and OSCR we will present the inaugural Tech for Good Summit. Drawing together speakers, panellists and delegates from industry, the Third Sector and Public sectors, this will be a springboard for a new level of activity and impact on the social, health and wellbeing of Scotland.

The Art of the Possible 

The Third and Public Sectors are under pressure like never before. Through our Art of the Possible discussions, we will showcase real world examples that demonstrate the impact that technology can have to help organisations deliver more effectively, efficiently and affordably and on a scale that has never been seen before.

Tech for Good Ecosystem

The Tech for Good Ecosystem is alive and well in Scotland but we believe that a great deal more is possible. Our panels discuss the roles and contributions of all of the organisations that can play a part in the overall mission and how the ecosystem nourishes every part of it - charity, volunteer, employer and customer. How do we aggregate our efforts and amplify what we do to reach further?

Agents of Change

Volunteers are Agents of Change – we will highlight and celebrate their contributions, show the value they create for the organisations they sign up to help and the impact for the people served by those organisations. We will explore the quality of their experiences as volunteers, learners and employees and provide examples of the value that volunteers deliver back into the organisations that employ them.

Volunteers Assemble! 

We've asked for organisations to give us their Digital Sparks - short videos telling us about what they do, a problem they  have and the impact of it and laying down a challenge for a digital solution. 

On the day volunteers will assemble in groups for a 2 hour challenge to come up with innovative solutions. The plenary will vote and the Scottish Tech Army is committed to seeing to fruition the top three most popular.

The day will include a mix of discussion, debate and discovery designed to stimulate action and be a springboard for new initiatives with clearly-defined outcomes. 

The sessions will cover three three key areas running concurrently with a challenge!